Youth Services, social action and children and young people’s voice

We offer range of programmes for young people seek to reduce social isolation, build children and young people’s confidence and gain the skills to enable them to influence services, communities and create change through decision making and active involvement.

Although our programmes differ in each area all have the common thread of seeking to empower children and young people through personal and social development to make successful transitions into adulthood through personal and social education and trusted adult approaches for young people aged 5 to 18 (25 years with an additional need).

We empower

We offer a range of opportunities for young people to take part in leading the work of The Junction foundation and working with trusted adults to develop skills and projects that make a difference to their live, and those of other young people. Current opportunities include:

  • The Junction Heart for young people 11 plus from across Tees Valley – Young People’s Strategic Decision-Making Group – campaigning and social action on issues that matter to local young people and ensuring young people are involved in every aspect of The Junctions service decision making from strategic planning to celebration events.
  • PCC Youth Advisory Group – the opportunity for young people to influence the Police and Crime Commissioners work and policing in the across Tees Valley.

We also offer a range of personal and social development opportunities for children and young people to develop key personal and social development skills for long term positive outcomes, including:

  • Short breaks – the opportunity to access age appropriate groups (5-11 and 11 to 18 years) for children and young people with a disability or additional need, providing a break for parents and carers.
  • United Tracks – a musical inclusion programme that provides groups with additional challenges the opportunity to develop skills in making music and develop social skills across South Tees.

Thank you to everyone who made the music sessions possible. It was such a great experience and meant so much to me and gave me such a big boost in confidence” – young person

We don’t Judge, we listen

Our Targeted Youth Support in Middlesbrough works with young people aged 11 plus in Middlesbrough offers targeted youth work for individuals and groups using trusted adult approaches to engage, assess and plan for positive change, working with young people ‘where they are at’, intervening early and supporting personal and social development. Including:

  • Targeted one to one support for young people.
  • Targeted, issue based small, structured group work sessions on issues affecting young people’s lives.
  • Detached street-based youth work sessions in specific areas identified by partners reducing anti-social behavior and engaging young people positively in their communities.
  • Advocacy support for young people.
  • Multi-agency and partnership approach as part of the early help offer.

“It has helped me deal with situations better and gave me the support I needed. I understand how to manage my behavior and emotions now and not go down the wrong path” – young person


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