We are appealing for support to help transform our Redcar base into a welcoming, safe and inspiring centre for young carers!

At The Junction, we are dedicated to supporting and changing lives across Redcar and Cleveland, Middlesbrough and Teesside, with a commitment to providing opportunities for every young person to reach their potential, no matter what challenges or barriers life throws at them.

Now in our 25th year, we are aiming to raise £25,000 towards a deposit to buy the building we have rented for over 10 years. Every penny and every pound will go a long way to making our vision become a reality, while enabling us to continue providing excellent services for children and young people in our communities.

We plan to renovate our current three storey home on Station Road, into a help and support centre for young carers and their families. We also have plans for a young enterprise centre on the ground floor, housing apprentices and popup businesses which will be open to the local community. Counselling rooms are set to be renovated too, along with a refurbishment of essential shower and laundry facilities for young homeless people.

Lawrence McAnelly, Chief Executive said: “For the past twenty five years we have been supporting vulnerable children, young people and young carers in our region. We’ve helped turn situations around, influence lives and genuinely change the futures of thousands of young people.

“We are now asking for the community’s support in helping us raise funds, to turn our vision of a safe and inspiring young carers centre at the heart of the community, into reality.”

We aim to be a catalyst for change in local communities, working to make a difference to the lives of children, young people and their families.

In the past year, we have supported over 1000 vulnerable children and young people, covering young carers and those facing mental health challenges, substance abuse and long term unemployment – all of which can prevent young people from leading rewarding and fulfilling lives.

Last year, our work enabled 311 young carers to access vital group support, one to one activities and counselling.

One young carer said: “We are all young carers and we spend a lot of our time helping someone close to us. This has a big impact on our lives, our emotional development and our education. Young carers like ourselves need recognition, understanding and support.”

“Before going to The Junction, I wouldn’t go anywhere to meet new people but now I feel more confident to go and try new things. I wouldn’t speak in class but now I don’t shut up! Its been amazing, I’m so much happier!”

Providing practical and emotional support, we work with families to put plans in place to get the right level of appropriate support. We also aims to build awareness, raise confidence and develop positive parenting strategies, reducing the negative impacts of the responsibilities young carers face.

While for most young people, having fun, gaining experience and enjoying a break are part and parcel of growing up, many children and young carers just don’t get these opportunities. These activities are important and valuable in making life better for young carers.

Through our group sessions and activity days, we help to develop friendships while reducing loneliness and isolation for young carers. This also helps increase a sense of belonging and builds positive trusted relationships. This can often lead young people to informally talk about some of things that may be on their minds often this can open the door to providing one to one support and mentoring.

We work with a range of community and local authority groups including, Redcar and Cleveland Council, Middlesbrough Council, The Co-operative, BBC Children in Need and Big Lottery Fund.

Through the Station Road premises buying and renovation, we are aiming to lead the way and take a role in regenerating the local community. We want as many people as possible to share this journey by supporting us to achieve this vision – investing in children and young people while investing in our community.

Join us on our journey to change the lives of children and young people in Redcar and Cleveland, Middlesbrough and Teesside!

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