The Junction Heart

The Junction Heart (Children’s and young people’s strategic decision making group) was established in 2018 and has given young people the opportunity to remain involved with The Junction by providing opportunities for participation and social action. The group, which meets every two weeks, works to represent the voice and views of children, young people and families and has been involved in a wide range of projects.

‘The Heart has been helpful in so many ways, building confidence, helping us to mix with others and gives us opportunities to try different things.’

The group has organised open/vision days, sat on interview panels, given a radio interview, have been involved in fundraising activities and have looked at project development e.g. Community Housing consultation, project development for the Emotional Well Being Service and have carried out consultation with other services users that has helped to inform The Junction’s 3-year Strategic Plan.

The Junction Heart led on the #resilience at Heart project, funded by The Virgin Money #Iwill campaign, a social action project that led to the development of four films that raise awareness to the issues young people can face and the support that they can receive through The Junction.  In 2019 The group was nominated and selected as finalists for the RCVDA Young Volunteer Group of The Year where they received a certificate of recognition. 

As well as having a core of established members the group regularly welcomes new members.