The Junction – Emotional Wellbeing Service for children in care / care leavers / care experienced adults for Children and young people in Hartlepool

A trauma informed emotional wellbeing service for children and young people in care, care leavers and care experienced adults in Hartlepool

Based within the Through Care Team of Hartlepool Borough Council’s Children’s Services the team works to improve the emotional wellbeing of children in care, care leavers and Care experienced adults

What support is available?

A range of Trauma informed interventions designed to help with any emotional wellbeing issues, help children and young people understand their emotions and recover from trauma, including:

Ø  Emotional Wellbeing Support – enabling grounding and soothing work to be carried out – suitable for early intervention and prevention or where preparation when children and young people aren’t ready for more intensive support.

Ø  A range of specific skills building interventions, including CYP – IAPT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (suitable for low mood/depression, anxiety)  and Systemic Family Psychotherapy (difficulties in extra-family systems, blaming in relationships, moderate attachment insecurity, multiple generational dynamics, cross-cultural complexity, conflicting perspectives)

Ø  Psychological Support – higher level assessment of need, interventions (EMDR and other Trauma focussed specialist interventions) and referral to specialist services.

In short a range of early intervention and prevention and specialist interventions to ensure the right support is available at the right time based on assessment. Where medical support is appropriate we will work with CAMHS to ensure children and young people recieve the right support at the right time.

Referrals are screened and allocated through the therapeutic teams referral panel, most of which come through children’s services, which meets fortnightly. If you or someone you know  meets the criteria and you feel you would benefit please get in touch and we will be able to advise.