Inspirational young people- Talking, listening and the beauty of good governance.

The Junction as a local charity has a board of Trustees. Every six weeks the Board of Trustees meet to discuss how The Junction is developing and importantly how the work of The Junction is changing lives. One of the really important things we do is take every opportunity to get young people involved.

Last week we were, privileged, and I mean absolutely privileged, to listen to a young woman, a young carer, who told us about how The Junction had impacted on her life. She was so impressive that at the age of 14 she was able to speak of her experiences to The Junction’s trustees, at our board meeting.

She talked and our board listened.

She talked of how The Junction had been an important part of her life. She talked of how she had grown up from a young child with The Junction, learnt new skills, gained qualifications and had experience’s that if it wasn’t for The Junction she wouldn’t have had. How she has used those skills and her experiences to become a mentor for other young carers.

She talked of how important it was for her to build up friendships with other young carers and how those very real friendships help.

She talked about how the team members are there for her, someone to talk to when she needs some help, at the end of a phone or either through social media.

She talked about how she looked up to the staff team who support and encourage her. She is now thinking about her future, what she wants to achieve and how she wants to support others.

It’s really important that The Junctions board of Trustees listen and hear from the children and young people who The Junction support.

The Junction is here to make a difference and help to change lives. What works, what could be better, what needs to stay the same.   Hugely valuable. One of The Junction’s board members remarked that he “couldn’t have done that when he was 14”   I’m not sure many of us in the older generation could. Fantastic, inspirational young people.