Beth’s Story

Turning Dreams to Futures
Meet Beth who was supported by the Youth Employment Service at The Junction

Beth was unsure about the type of job she wanted and said she lacked confidence and self-belief. Together, Beth and her advisor delved into her love for baking and her natural warmth in interacting with people. With personalised coaching and unwavering support, Beth blossomed and gained an apprenticeship at a local community café. During her apprenticeship her passion and dedication shone through and she was offered a full-time position!

This is just the beginning of Beth’s journey towards her dream of owning her own bakery.

Beth’s Advisor at The Junction said “Beth’s transformation filled me with immense pride, reminding me of the power of believing in someone and helping them to reach their full potential.”

Beth said “During my support at The Junction they helped me realise that my love of baking and cooking could lead to a job I love. They didn’t just offer CV workshops and interview prep, they saw the potential in me. I now feel like I’m truly building my future.”