Poppy’s Story

Poppy, a 10-year-old girl, cares for her Mum. She often worries about her Mum and feels stressed and angry. Seeing her Mum upset makes her even sadder, but she doesn't want to add to her mum's burden, so she keeps her feelings bottled up.

Our Emotional Wellbeing Worker I met with Poppy for one-on-one sessions. We talked about her anger, and she described how she “goes into a mood and throws things.” We did some fun activities to help her manage her emotions, like making a stress ball, practicing breathing techniques, and drawing a special place she can imagine when she feels overwhelmed. We even made a “feelings jar” and a pillow with a worry dragon she can talk to.

Throughout our sessions, we used a workbook to explore her feelings. We talked about what makes her feel happy, sad, angry, or scared, and how her body reacts to those feelings. We also discussed things she can do to feel better, like talking to someone she trusts.

Poppy was still worried about her Mum, but she found it tough to talk to her about it. To help them communicate better, we made “feelings cards” that Poppy could give to her Mum when she feels a certain way. These cards explained why she might be feeling that way and what her Mum could do to help.

We also had two family sessions at Poppy’s home. We introduced the feelings cards and helped Poppy and her Mum make promises to each other. We did some fun communication activities to show them how easy it can be to misunderstand each other.

After our sessions, both Poppy and her Mum agreed that their relationship had improved. Poppy feels happier and less angry, and they communicate more openly. They’re also more considerate of each other’s feelings.

Here’s what they said:

Poppy’s story shows how important it is for young people to have someone to talk to about their feelings, especially when they are facing challenges at home. With the right support, they can learn healthy ways to cope with stress and build stronger relationships with their loved ones.