Poppy’s Story

Poppy, age 10, cares for her Mum and through assessment identified that she worries about Mum and often feels stressed and gets angry.
Poppy also became upset when she saw her Mum upset but did not want to add to her Mum’s stress so did not talk to Mum about her feelings. 

I met with Poppy for 1-1 appointments. Poppy was very aware of her anger and identified “I go into a mood and throw stuff”.  

In our session we made a stress ball and practised breathing techniques. Poppy enjoys drawing so we made a special place for her to think about when she feels overwhelmed. We made a feelings jar and pillow. On her pillow Poppy drew a worry dragon for her to talk to when she needs to and we made a poem for her.  

Throughout our sessions we completed my feelings workbook for Poppy to identify what makes her feel a certain way, the way her body looks and feels and what she can do to help.  

Poppy was worried about Mum, these worries improved but she still struggled to tell Mum about her feelings. We made some feelings cards for her to give to Mum when she feels a certain way which included why she might feel this way and how her Mum can help.   

We then moved on to have 2 family appointments in the family home where we introduced these cards and Poppy and Mum made promises to each other. We then completed communication activities so they could both see how easy it is to get confused.  

Following the family appointments both Mum and Poppy agreed that their relationship had improved and Poppy’s emotional Wellbeing was more positive.  

I am not as angry’  

‘I talk to Mum more’  

‘We are much more considerate of each other’