Marie’s Story

Marie is 8 years old and cares for her sister, who has hallucinations and hurts herself.
Marie said she makes her angry. She also has another younger sister who has autism.

Marie had some 1-1 support through the young carers service using a teddy bear. First,  Marie decorated a t-shirt for her teddy and gave her teddy a name.  We then talked about how Marie  could use her teddy for a range of emotions. Marie named her Teddy Flash. We discussed how Marie could talk to her Teddy, cuddle it, Throw it, hit it when she is feeling sad, worried, angry or upset. 


We practised different breathing techniques and made a CALM & BREATHE checklist. As well as making a star for her to practise breathing. We also made a stress ball. 


Throughout the sessions Marie  said that she did not like to leave Mum and that she did not have the confidence to attend the young carers activity sessions. However, at the end she said she was going to try and her confidence increased. 


At the end of her 1-1 support Marie said she is less angry and has not been as ‘bad’ at home. Marie said she will keep using the coping strategies she has made and learnt. 


I am less angry 

I liked making the stress ball and flash (teddy)

I am not as bad at home because I do breathing