Leon’s Story

Leon (15) was feeling overwhelmed by his emotions and struggling to get along with his family and friends. He felt unheard and misunderstood, which was making his behavior difficult to manage at home.
Stronger Families reached out to the Targeted Youth Support Service (TYS) at The Junction for help.

TYS to the Rescue

The TYS team worked with Leon to: 

Express his feelings: Leon learned to talk openly about his emotions, which helped him understand himself better.

Explore his experiences: Leon discussed his relationships with his father and peers, identifying things that might be affecting his behaviour.

Build confidence: TYS provided emotional support and practical strategies to manage his emotions and improve his behaviour. Get healthy: Leon expressed a desire to be healthier, so TYS helped him apply for a gym/cinema card through the Princes Trust.

Positive Changes

Voice and family: Leon found his voice and is now able to be himself around his family. This has improved his relationships at home. Acceptance: Leon came out to his father and was met with love and support.

Healthier future: Leon is now on a journey to getting healthier and enjoying outside interests with his new gym/cinema card.

Quotes:  Leon: “I appreciate everything you’ve done to help me through a difficult time.”

Leon’s Dad: “Thank you for giving Leon the courage to open up. It’s made a huge difference.”

Progress and Goals:  Leon’s voice: Increased from “quiet and unheard” to “strong and confident.”

Behaviour: Improved from “difficult to manage” to “more controlled and positive.”

Emotions: Learned to “better understand and express” his feelings.

Getting healthier: Motivated and taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

Future Steps:  Leon will continue to receive support from the TYS team as needed, but he is on the road to a happier and healthier future thanks to the support received from The Junction.