Kim’s Story

Kim is a 16 year old young carer. Kim cares for her Dad who has mental health and physical disabilities.
Kim struggled with anxiety, and was nervous about attending social groups due to the size and preferred the idea of coming to a smaller focused group

We had some funding for a #GirlsThatCan project which involved small groups of girls working together on a challenge that they chose themselves. They also had to fit the challenge to a budget. Kim was invited to take part in this project.

Kim agreed to attend, but on her first session felt very anxious, she had a mild panic attack and was nearly sick due to nerves. Young carers staff supported her and reassured her that this was ok and to only do what she could. After that session Kim said she felt much more confident to come the following week. Kim's group chose to do a music project which included a performance to over 50 people. To begin with Kim was nervous and adamant she was not doing a solo but after 3 weeks agreed to do a duet. During the groups final rehearsal, the girls were singing “wings” and during a break Kim joined in and said that if they did this song she would do a solo. The team supported her and the song was added to the set list. On the night Kim sang her solo in front of over 80 people at Middlesbrough Riverside Stadium, she said "If you would have said when we started that I would have done that I would have thought you were lying."