Katie’s Story

Meet Katie, a bright and brave 7-year-old girl who had a big challenge to face.
Katie's mum needed a big operation, and it meant she would have a stay in hospital and wouldn't be able to be around for a long time. This worried Katie, who was used to helping her Mum with everything. Katie started feeling lonely and sad, and it was hard for her to cope with being a young carer.

Helping Hands and Friendly Faces:

Katie’s Early Help worker knew she needed support, so they connected her with The Junction Young Carers service. Our amazing team was there to help Katie and her family through this difficult time.

Katie’s Positive Outcomes:

Thanks to all the support, Katie started to feel much better! She became more confident in school and made some new friends. She also learned how to manage her emotions and cope with the stress of being a young carer.

Happy Words from Katie’s Family:

“I am really grateful for all the support you have given,” said Katie’s grandma.

“Thank you for all the support at this difficult time. It was good to know she had support whilst I was in hospital and at home recovering,” said Katie’s mom.

Numbers that Show the Difference and Impact:

Katie’s story is a reminder that even when things are tough, there are people who care and want to help. With the right support, even the smallest heroes can overcome big challenges.