Joanna’s Story

Joanna’s mum referred her into the YEI as she had never worked and was looking to gain an apprenticeship and training in childcare.
She had found the college course she was attending difficult and had left as the course focused on elderly care rather than childcare.

Working with her Project Worker Joanna worked to develop her CV and interview skills which helped her to sell herself better to prospective employers in the application process.  She also worked to improve her confidence, accessed relevant training working on skills for employment, updating her Maths and English presentation skills and was able to complete a nine week work placement at a local nursery.  


Joanna’s confidence started to grow and she decided that she felt ready to apply for an apprenticeship at the nursery where she had completed her placement.  This had been a success and she had developed good working relationships with the staff and children that she had worked with.  


Joanna’s hardwork and determination has paid off as she successfully secured an apprenticeship and will study Level 2 in Childcare as part of this.  Joanna is to be commended for her energy, positive input and hard work over the time we worked with her.

“The Junction and my Project Worker actually really helped with me getting this Apprenticeship, the way I heard about the opportunity was through my work placement which came through the training that my Project Worker supported me to get onto and requested a placement at a local Nursery where I knew some of the staff. I had the confidence to attend and complete the placement which then gave me the self-belief that I could apply for and interview well for the Apprenticeship post that was due to be advertised. I am now an Apprentice Childcare Assistant at this Nursery completing my training at Level 2 and I am loving it. Thank You to The Junction for your support.”