Glenn’s Story

Glenn dropped out of school due to depression and anxiety and had fallen through the education system, so therefore did not sit any GCSE’s and has no formal qualifications.
When Glenn first started at The Junction he would only answer with one word answers and didn’t make eye contact when speaking.

He would only attend appointments at the Jobcentre as that is where he felt comfortable.  Through friendly, social conversations he started to become a little more vocal and agreed to meet at various locations within his local area. Glenn was asked how he felt about having appointments at the office but he was very reluctant so his support worker agreed to pick him up and drop him off which he then agreed to.  Glenn now attends appointments by himself using the bus.

After a few weeks Glenn agreed to take part in group sessions that we had arranged, including First Aid and Food Hygiene.  Unfortunately some of the sessions set off his anxiety so we took lots of little breaks in between.  Glenn achieved his Food Hygiene certificate which he feels will put him in good stead when applying for work.  He is passionate about food as this is an outlet he uses to help him to relax and be creative.

Glen was given the opportunity to attend the Photographic Voice project which was completely out of his comfort zone, through this he was able to meet new people, make new friends and created his own exhibition which told his own story, this was displayed at Tuned In and at The Junction’s Resilience at Heart Film launch.  

Glenn discussed doing some voluntary work as he had no real idea of what he wanted to do longer term.  With help from The Junction Glenn applied to various organisations and was successful, he started to to volunteer at a local charity shop. At first the shop manager was concerned with how quiet and shy he was but that soon changed as he became more confident. Glenn is now a Lead Volunteer and a Key Holder awaiting to do an NVQ in Retail.

‘Thank you! I don’t think words could express how much you have helped me get to where I am today.  Without you I wouldn’t have this confidence or self-belief I now have in myself.  I never thought I would get to this point in my life and a lot of this is due to your faith in me, to push me past my comfort zone.  I will take what you have taught me into my everyday life, I will never forget what you have done for me.  Thank You so much!’