Finlay’s Story

A Helping Hand for a Young Carer
Meet Finlay* an 8-year-old boy who needed a helping hand through his Young Carer journey.

Reason for Referral:

Eight-year-old Finlay was referred to our Young Carers service by his family support worker due to his sibling’s long-term illness. While Finlay was always willing to help, he wasn’t quite sure how to navigate his new role as a young carer. This, combined with a lack of social interaction with other children, left him feeling a bit lost and unsure.

Building Confidence and Connection:

We recognised that Finlay could benefit from connecting with other young people in similar situations. We warmly invited him to participate in our social groups, where he could build friendships, have fun, and learn valuable skills.

Exploring New Activities and Understanding:

The social groups offered a variety of exciting activities, like a memorable trip to the farm and a day spent playing golf with other young carers. These outings provided much-needed breaks from his caring responsibilities and created lasting memories.

In addition to the social activities, we provided support within the school setting and ensured he participated in important skills sessions, including one that helped him gain a better understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This knowledge empowered him to feel more prepared and confident in his role as a young carer.

Positive Changes and Looking Forward:

By attending the social groups, Finlay blossomed! He overcame his initial shyness, felt more comfortable in group situations, and made new friends. The support helped him understand his caring role better, reducing his earlier anxieties and worries.

Quotes that Speak Volumes:

Finlay – “Thank you for taking me to all these fun places! It gives me a chance to relax and have a break.”

Parent: “We truly appreciate the support offered by The Junction Foundation. Finlay always looks forward to the activities, and he really enjoyed playing golf. As a family, it’s sometimes difficult to do things together, so accessing this service has been a wonderful way for him to socialise with other children.”

Measurable Impact:

We use standardised assessments to track progress. When Finlay began the program, his scores indicated:

By the end of the program, these scores had significantly improved:

These positive changes demonstrate how our Young Carers service empowers young people like Finlay to navigate their caring role with confidence and build meaningful connections.

*Names have been changed to protect identity.