Eva’s Story

Finding Music and Confidence with United Tracks

Meet Eva: A 16-year-old girl with a passion for music and a desire to build her social skills.

The Challenge: Eva struggled with social anxiety, making it difficult to talk to people, make friends, and feel confident in her own voice

How United Tracks Helped: Eva joined the United Tracks program, finding a supportive community of young musicians. Through playing the guitar, she learned to:

The Impact: Eva’s journey with United Tracks was transformative:

Eva’s Words: “United Tracks helps me get better at playing guitar. It helps me to be more comfortable around other people. I look forward to going because I really enjoy the sessions.”

More from the United Tracks Team: “At the start of the project, Eva wouldn’t have been able to lead an activity with her peers. But by the end, she was supporting others and even receiving tuition from a group member.”

Outcome Score: Eva’s goals, focusing on musical ability, teamwork, social skills, and overall wellbeing, saw a significant improvement from an average of 3 at the beginning to 7 at the end of the program.

This is just one story of how United Tracks empowers young people to find their voices, build connections, and unlock their potential through music.