Claire’s Story

Claire accessed support due to experiencing regular feelings of anger and worry which was starting to affect her everyday life.
These feelings were interfering with her relationships with family members and starting to impact on her ability to attend school due to feeling tearful and overwhelmed.

Claire received 12 weekly sessions focuses around helping her to talk about how she was feeling, helping her to identify the things that made her upset, angry or worried, we then introduced the idea of breathing techniques to help her manage some of these symptoms better. She learnt to be able to recognise when she is starting to feel angry or stressed so she can talk to those around her and to be able to practice techniques to help reduce her symptoms before it escalated.


Claire set herself a goal to be able to learn to control her anger and to reduce how much she panics in certain situations.


Claire took part in sessions which involved gradually helping her to face some of the things that were making her anxious rather than avoiding them (one of these things was always needing to do certain tasks in a specific order, failure to do this in that order meant something bad would happen. Claire through support learnt that she can actually cope in stressful situations but also when situations around her change quite suddenly.


Feedback from mum

“The support has 100% made a difference, Claire talks to us about how she is feeling without getting worked up, she is able to put into practice the skills she has learnt in her one to one session and is even telling us about them. It is like having my daughter back, as for a while we became quite distant, we were always arguing. Claire’s anxiety would flare up massively over small things whereas now she is just able to deal with it in a different way, she just seems to be able to cope better with difficult situations which is a really big change”.

Feedback from Claire

“It has helped me to cope better with things, I no longer feel angry all the time, I panic a lot less and I know that I can now cope in situations that used to make me stressed, they now don’t bother me”