All Our Futures Climate Change Conference

The All Our Futures Conference was organised by a group of young people from The Junction who are passionate about creating climate change action and engaging other young people in the issue. The conference aimed to offer young people the opportunity to learn more about climate change and share their views on priorities for climate change locally, all while having fun.

The event featured a range of workshops and presentations by experts in the field of climate change. Attendees, who were mostly young people, had the chance to learn about the impacts of climate change on the environment, society, and the economy, as well as discuss potential solutions and ways to reduce carbon emissions.

The organisers made sure the event was not just informative but also fun and engaging, with interactive activities and games that allowed young people to learn about climate change in an enjoyable way. As a result, many young people left feeling motivated and inspired to take action against climate change.

If you would like to read more about the All Our Futures Conference and its outcomes, you can check out the feedback report on our website. The report contains feedback from young people who attended the event, including their thoughts on the workshops and the impact the conference had on them.

You can access the report through this URL:

Overall, the All Our Futures Conference was a fantastic event that successfully engaged young people in the issue of climate change. It provided a platform for them to learn, share their views, and take action. The conference is an excellent example of how young people can make a difference and inspire change in their communities.