How can you support The Junction?

The Junction Foundation is a worthy organisation that supports children, young people, and families across Teesside.
We are a local charity and in order to carry out our work across Teesside, support is provided by a variety of individuals, businesses, charitable trusts, and the public sector.
Here are some ways you can support The Junction Foundation:
🌟Make a donation: You can donate online or by mail.
🌟Fundraise: You can hold a fundraising event or challenge yourself to raise money for The Junction Foundation.
🌟Why not nominate The Junction as your chosen charity of the year and fundraise on our behalf?
🌟Volunteer: You can volunteer your time to help with The Junction Foundation’s work.
🌟Spread the word: You can help The Junction Foundation by telling your friends and family about their work.
Want to know more or have an informal discussion on how you can get involved? Get in touch now and call 01642 756000 or email
Thank you for your support!