🌟 The Junction Heart Awards 2023 – Nominations Now Live!🌟

🌟 The Junction Heart Awards 2023 – Nominations Now Live!

Wednesday 8th November 2023 🌟

The Junction Heart, are a group of young people involved in supporting the work of The Junction Foundation. They ensure services are young people focused and organise events and activities to ensure all of the children, young people and families who access our services are included.

Given the context of children and young people who access our services – young carers, children and young people who experience social isolation or poor emotional wellbeing, those seeking employment or who have other challenging issues to deal with – their progress and achievements have been amazing.

If you know a child or young person who has made a significant contribution to others over the past year, progressed despite the challenging circumstances or just been there for others – please nominate them for recognition.

✨ Award Categories’ ✨

⭐ Little Star Award (children aged up to 10 years)
⭐ Young Carers Award
⭐ Community Champion Award
⭐ Volunteer Award
⭐ Unsung Hero Award
⭐ Personal Growth Award
⭐ The Independence Award
⭐ Young Persons Champion (AKA – the award for General Greatness)
⭐ Environment and Climate Hero Award
⭐ Social Action and Campaigning Award

To place your nomination and for further information on categories, access this link

Interested in category sponsorship? Please contact dawn.golightly@thejunctionfoundation.com