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Rosedene Nurseries – Activities and Art

Location: St. Thomas More School, Erith Grove, Easterside, Middlesbrough TS4 3QH

Age Range: 5-11

Provider: Rosedene Nurseries Easterside Holiday Club

Week 1 – Monday 2nd August to Thursday 5th August, 9am-1pm

Week 2 – Monday 9th August to Thursday 12th August, 9am-1pm

Week 3 – Monday 16th August to Thursday 19th August, 9am-1pm

Week 4 – Monday 23rd August to Thursday 26th August, 9am-1pm

We offer a detailed holiday club timetable which includes a range of indoor and outdoor activities and experiences. There is a theme per week during the holiday period and we hope that offering a range of type of activity i.e outdoor, crafts, baking, trips, that there will be something that the children would like to attend.

Through activities and experiences offered we promote equality and diversity, well-being and positive experiences which promote children’s self-esteem. We support children to tackle challenges and scaffold their learning to problem solve, find solutions and celebrate their achievements independently and with their peers. We support each child independently to meet their goals, each activity focusing on a range of learning intentions across the prime and specific areas. Children attending as part of their usual routine is important to their wellbeing and mental health and continues to ensure that children have good attachments with carers.

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