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Clarion Futures – Young Ambassadors Programme

Based in and around the Sutton Centre at Saltersgill Middlesbrough · The project will offer the opportunity to give local young people the skills and support needed to truly be engaged in the community and development of appropriate projects within the community through consultation and social action. 

The project meets weekly at The Sutton Centre and is about getting young people actively involved in decision making around the centre, planning community activities and taking part in social action – so what you do is ultimately up to you! We will be there to support you and enable you to develop the skills you need to deliver your plans through training and informal support. Running for a year you will have the opportunity to make where you live a better place to live.

Young people taking part in the project will have the opportunity to carry on volunteering or taking part in social action through our ongoing commitment to providing opportunities to local people around the Sutton Centre. We would provide ongoing volunteer opportunities following our Volunteer Policy. Where young people express aspiration to move into further education and training we will support this through our youth employment service. Young people will also have the opportunity to stay involved through our long term commitment to young people’s participation in decision making through The Junction Heart.